Who we are

We are a Management Company, which operates within the scope of the International Business Center of Madeira (IBCM). We are a management company that provides cutting-edge consultancy services to its clients in management, legal and finance, within the scope of IBCM, namely:

  • 1) Commercial Trading;
  • 2) Shipping;
  • 3) Company Holdings Management;
  • 4) Aerial Law;
  • 5) Industrial Law;
  • 6) Consultancy Activities.

Founded in February 2000, by DIKE Legal & Business Management was born to compete in the market of Management Services within the scope of the IBCM. This is the first company, origin of DIKE Group.


What we do

DIKE Legal & Business Management provides independent advice on a range of areas. We provide services in four main areas, Legal Service, Fiscal Services, Management Services, Human Resources Selection and Management and Shipping Services.

Our Legal Services department provides legal and banking corporate services and litigation advisory.

Our Fiscal Services department provides fiscal consultancy and tax planning services.

Our Management Services department provides legal services of constitution and management of companies, deals on behalf of the clients with banks for banking services, provides operational management (mainly back-office services), and provides other services of assistance with domiciliation.

Our Human Resources Selection and Management department provides services of personnel selection, consultancy in “team building” activities and training, career development paths and retribution platforms/systems, personnel incentive methods and productivity enhancement, and professional courses and actualization courses.

Our Shipping Services department, DIKE Shipping, assists shipping companies (Carriers or ship owners) in all matters regarding MAR - The International Shipping Register of Madeira. We provide services that help the companies, not only to choose the best flag for commercial ship or yacht but also we take care of the entire registration process and subsequent follow-up.